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Lemon Collective is a digital marketing agency with a fresh perspective on all things marketing.

We’re a female owned and operated digital marketing agency, located in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario. Our agency was created to assist businesses (large or small) in reaching their goals. Whether it be overall awareness of your brand, an increase in online sales, collecting qualified leads, or providing relevant content to your desired audience, we can help!

We take pride in our dedication to analyzing data and creating creative digital strategy to help each business achieve their goals. You may be looking for just one service, or a combination. Whatever the case for your business, we’re super flexible and happy to personalize our digital marketing services for each client.

When Life Gives You Lemons

It began after life dealt us a series of lemons, which we decided to turn into our very own lemonade.

Long story short, we met while working in the Niagara wine industry back in 2014. We instantly clicked over our love of wine and craft beer, as well as our passion for marketing.

Fast forward 2 years and we found ourselves working together again, this time in an agency setting in downtown St. Catharines. After realizing how well we worked together and how deep our passion for marketing was, we decided that building an agency for ourselves was our best option for moving forward.

Jaclyn McPherson

Jaclyn has always been a creative individual, whether it was through her work in the visual arts, writing skills or in recent years, graphic design and marketing strategy. When the moment came to help establish a creative marketing agency in the heart of downtown St. Catharines, she didn’t hesitate. Having the ability to work with local and international clients on a wide variety of projects with plenty of space for creativity, was the perfect opportunity for Jaclyn.

A McMaster University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Jaclyn spent her time at school working on completing a Double Major in Communication Studies and Cultural Studies. After graduating, she spent a few years working in the Niagara wine industry and focusing her efforts on marketing and promotion. It was then that Jaclyn realized her true passion for strategic marketing.

With her background in the arts, Jaclyn enjoys utilizing her creative side to design on-trend and eye-catching graphics and content for each one of her clients. However, more recently she’s shifted her focus from design to strategy and development, determined to grow the success of both her clients and her agency.

Julie Mercier

Having been born and raised in Niagara, Julie has always strived to ensure that whatever the future held, it involved being located within the Niagara Region. That’s why it’s so important to her that, despite working for clients all across North America, Lemon Collective is based in beautiful St. Catharines.

While Julie loves creating visual content, her favourite aspect of marketing is conducting in depth market research and using that data to create a solid digital marketing strategy. You’ll also catch Julie with the biggest smile on her face when she’s working on any and all social media advertising campaigns. (That smile is even bigger when watching the results roll in!)

Julie is driven by her determination to make each and every project as successful as possible, while bringing each brand’s unique story to life. She has received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brock University, a Diploma (Business) from Niagara College, and currently sits on the Board of Directors at Underdogs Boxing Club.

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