Lemon Collective is Officially One Year Old!

On August 1st 2018, we celebrated Lemon Collective turning one year old! As we’re sure many other startups can attest to, there have been highs and lows… but we made it! The fact that we managed to survive and prosper in our first year as a digital marketing agency is a success we’re extremely proud of.

Now as the saying goes, “with age, comes wisdom” SO we thought we’d share with all you entrepreneurs and girlbosses everything we’ve learned and experienced throughout our first year of business (with some relatable AF gifs of course).


What we’ve learned after one year of business


Expectation vs Reality

Whether you’ve completed your 1st month or 10th year of business, we’re sure allllll of you can relate to some of these entrepreneurial lessons.


Expectation: “Getting clients will be easy!”


Reality: As a startup, getting clients can be difficult. Finding clients that are open to your suggestions can be even harder! We’re so happy to have been able to work with such amazing clients thus far.



Expectation: “We can work whenever and wherever we want”


Reality: You always think as an entrepreneur you’ll be able to work whenever you want (partly true). The majority of time we’re working on our clients’ schedules.


Expectation: “Small, local businesses will be our main clientele”


Reality: We were SET on working with strictly local businesses. That changed REAL quick. Now we’re working will amazing clients throughout North America!


Expectation: “Cold-calling (emailing) will totally work!”


Reality: Hey, it was worth a try!



What We Learned

Utilizing your connections is not a bad thing. The connections you make in the first year of business can be extremely helpful in making your business succeed. It’s ok to benefit from the success of others, as long as you pay it forward!


Don’t underestimate yourself. For too long we doubted our abilities and turned down some projects because of it! Expand your expectations and your skills, you’re stronger than you think!


#CommunityOverCompetition. This is probably one of our favourite things we learned this past year. Other entrepreneurs and business owners aren’t there to bring you down, most often they’re there to help and give advice (they were in your shoes once).


It’s ok to feel scared. Just because you’re a business owner now, doesn’t mean you become super confident overnight (hellooooo imposter syndrome!). If you weren’t feeling scared or overwhelmed at some point while starting your business, we’d probably think you’re crazy.


Ask for help when you need it. Whether it’s your business partner, a friend, your mom, or your doctor. One person can only handle so many things. Don’t EVER feel ashamed to reach out and ask for assistance. It’ll only make things better.


Don’t brush off your finances. Keep your receipts and invest in a bookkeeping system, you won’t regret it.


Take time for yourself. We’re sure you’ve heard it all before… but work-life balance is KEY. We encourage self care around here. Do a facemask, take a nap or spend all Sunday in bed. You’ve got to take care of yourself, or your business will suffer.


Celebrate the small things. When we first started Lemon Collective, we wrote a BUNCH of goals out on post-it notes and put them on one of our office walls. And when we say goals we mean anything from “get an office plant” all the way to “buy imacs”. Everytime we reached a goal, we’d take the post-it off, add it to a pile of other past goals, do a little dance and replace it with a new goal.

Don’t be scared to invest in your business. As a startup, spending money is hard. It’s easy to hesitate and say, “Oh do we really need that?”. Spending some cash and investing in tools that will help you to run your business better is necessary.


If you say yes to one thing, you’re saying no to a bunch of things. A friend in the industry told us this once and it’s stuck in our minds for the past year. We’ve learned to take on projects that we’re really passionate about and our worth our time & energy.


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