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Social media advertising is now imperative for a business to make an impression on today’s market. Here’s why you should be using Facebook and Instagram advertising for your business.

As experienced digital marketers in the Niagara region, we see how much of a positive impact social media can make on a business especially when it’s used to its full potential.

However, while an organic or unpaid social media strategy has its’ benefits, a paid marketing strategy using social media advertising typically produces the best results.

Social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram is designed to help your business achieve its’ goals.

Besides the large range of advertising options that Facebook and Instagram provide its’ users, there are a few other reasons why you should consider social media advertising for your business.

1. You Don’t Need a Huge Budget

For those of you who have been burned by the cost of advertising in the past, have no fear. While the cost of a billboard can be thousands of dollars (and brings little to no trackable results), the cost of Facebook advertising is fairly inexpensive. While there is a minimum spending budget of $5.00 per day on Facebook and Instagram, you can limit yourself to $150 to $200 a month and see an increase. Whether it’s generating leads, selling products or just raising brand awareness, the cost of a Facebook or Instagram campaign is pretty cheap (if you’re doing it right), and is highly more effective than print advertising.

2. You Get Trackable Results

With print advertising, you’re often left clueless as to whether or not your billboard or newspaper ad actually worked. Maybe you had a print ad in a local magazine last week, and you’ve seen a slight increase in sales. That’s fantastic! But, do you know the age demo that best responded to your ad? What about gender? Do you know how many people actually saw that ad? Better yet, do you know what it actually cost to obtain those new customers? We’re going to guess no.

Luckily, with Facebook and Instagram advertising, you’re given hard data. Not only do you get to see the age demo, gender and actual number of people who saw your advertisement, but you get a breakdown of what it actually cost to get them. Cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) are two valuable factors that help you to determine whether or not your ad was successful. These are trackable results that allow you to get a real understanding of the audience that best responded to your advertisement product or business.

3. You Can Hyper-Target

Now one of the many great things you get to do with the hard data you’ve obtained through advertising, is to use that data to your advantage on your next campaign!

Facebook and Instagram advertising allows you to hyper-target your desired demographic by choosing the specific location, age, and gender of the individuals you want your ads shown to. You can even dive deeper and choose things like whether they use an iPhone or Android, if they’re recently engaged, or even if they watch Game of Thrones! The amount of detail you can get into with social media advertising is borderline creepy if we’re being honest, but it’s super useful when you want to get your message to the right people.

4. It’s a Chance to Get Creative

Because you’re not limited to one ad on Facebook and Instagram, you can really play around with different styles and imagery that you may not be inclined to use in a print advertisement. With so many different demographics you want your business to reach, it’s in your best interest to really test out and experiment with ad different styles to see what gets the best response. This goes for copy too! You may be surprised at the results.

Try to experiment with the different ad types too. Sure, it’s easy to stick with one standard image, or maybe slideshow. But as you must have noticed, videos are taking over social media feeds. Take advantage of some free video editing apps, or better yet, ask a local digital marketer.

Contact Lemon Collective, Today!

At Lemon Collective, we understand how much work it takes a business. Social media advertising is just another thing on top of your never-ending to-do list. Fortunately, Facebook and Instagram advertising is our bread and butter.

Facebook and Instagram advertising can do wonders for your business, if used correctly. Contact Lemon Collective for your fresh social media advertising strategy!

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