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If you’re looking to maximize your business’ success through social media management and advertising, you’ll definitely want to hire an experienced social media manager.

We’ve covered why social media is now imperative for your business, now it’s time to discuss why hiring a professional is the cherry on top.



What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is a person or agency put in charge of monitoring, managing and contributing to a brand or product’s social media presence. At Lemon Collective, a full service digital marketing agency, we refer to ourselves as digital managers.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What do digital marketers do?”. Well, it’s the same type of role, but we tend to dig a lot deeper into paid advertising, strategy and analytics! We also don’t limit ourselves to just social media, we like to take care of everything in the online/digital world. 


Why You Need a Digital Marketer for Your Business

Wondering what the benefits of hiring a social media manager for your brand are? Check out these 10 reasons why you should have a social media manager for your business:


1. Develop a Digital Strategy

When you have a digital marketing strategist, you’re not just paying someone to randomly post on your social media platforms (that’d be WAY too easy!). With a digital marketer, you get a digital strategy created and designed specifically for you and your business.

At Lemon Collective, we take the time to sit down with each of our clients to see who their target audience is, as well as what their main goals are. Every client is unique, and it’s our aim to establish a customised digital strategy, catered to meet their business goals.


2. Creative Content

Content is key when it comes to the world of digital marketing. Keeping your content creative, fresh and consistent is imperative when you’re trying to keep your audience engaged. As digital markers, we love content creation, and pride ourselves on producing the best content out there! Everything from photos, graphics, videos, gifs and blogs, we do it all.

The benefit of having a digital marketer around, is that we tend to see things differently. Something you see as mundane, can actually be social media gold! It’s all about perspective.


3. Boost SEO

A digital marketer understands the power of search engines.

At Lemon Collective, we create content that is optimized for making sure you have a great search ranking. There are a ton of SEO tricks that often get overlooked, but a good digital marketer will have you covered.


4. Stay Ahead of Trends

Digital marketers live and breathe social media. Why does this help you as a business? Well, we’re always on top of the latest trends!

We’re able to review the newest digital craze and decide what the best direction is for your brand/business going forward.


5. Represent Your Business Online

A digital marketer is your business’s main representative when it comes to your online presence. We’re in charge of interacting with your customers on a daily basis through comments and messages.

Your business’s online reputation can be broken with one bad post or reply to a comment, which is why it is crucial to hire a digital marketer or digital marketing agency solely for this, rather than having multiple team members with other priorities.


6. Consistent Voice

We understand the importance of representing a brand and the fact that all brands are different.

What’s key in digital marketing, is making sure the perspective and tone of voice are on point! It’s a digital marketer’s job to understand their client’s audience and how best to reach that audience.

When there are too many people running a social media account, the brand’s voice can get lost. It’s best to utilize the skills and knowledge of an experienced digital marketer to best represent your business on social media.


7. Attract New Customers

At Lemon Collective, we specialize in paid social media advertising, where we help to target your desired audience. With our extensive experience in paid ads, we know how to get you new, qualified customers.  


8. Manage and Track Campaigns

Speaking of paid advertising – one of the biggest benefits of having a social media manager helping with your business, is that they can constantly measure and track live advertising campaigns.

If something isn’t working well, they can catch it right away and adjust as necessary. Having someone to review campaigns on a daily basis is super valuable, as none of your advertising budget goes to waste!


9. Increase Social Media Engagement

As digital marketers, we know the best tips and tricks to make your posts pop! Although not crucial to business growth, we strive to get your business more likes, comments and followers to really increase engagement and put a smile on our clients faces.


10. Save time

You’re a busy business owner. You’ve got a company to grow, employees to manage, and never-ending list of things to take care of (but hey, thanks for taking the time to read this!).

When you hire a digital marketer to take care of your social media and online presence, you don’t have to worry about a thing, except maybe how you’re going to handle all the new business you’re getting.


It’s Worth It

To wrap up, investing in a social media manager, or digital marketer, or whatever you want to call it, is most definitely worth it. Contact us today for service pricing packages!

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